Saturday, February 26, 2011


Here at Little Red we are working hard to make 2011 the most spectacular event ever!
A very important date is coming up for LRRH fans 
and we don't want you to miss the opportunity:

is the final day to place your orders for Little Red merchandise 
IF you want to receive your merchandise in time for the ride.


is the final day to place your orders for Little Red merchandise 
IF you want to receive your merchandise in time for the ride.

You can order merchandise by clicking HERE
choosing “Register Now” and then “Merchandise Only”

YOU MUST have your orders in by MARCH 15!!!
And just in case you needed it, here is a reminder of our exclusive, one-of-a-kind, 
2011 limited edition LRRH  Jersey!

 This year's jersey promises to be our most popular ever! We've received nearly 1000 orders to date. WOW! What an incredible sight we will be on the day of the event.

And for all you Ultimate Little Red Divas out there, 
don't forget your 'Poodle' Skort to complete your ensemble!

REMEMBER to order your merchandise by clicking HERE
choosing “Register Now” and then “Merchandise Only”

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Word From Little Red About Registration

Dear Little Red Fans,
Here at Little Red we are stunned, dazed and generally flabbergasted by the unbelievable response to this year's event and the speed with which registration filled. We anticipated the ride would fill quickly, but even then believed it would take a week or two. Reaching capacity in less than 24 hours was truly a shock!

We empathize deeply with so many of you who wanted to ride LRRH in 2011 but weren't able to get in. Here are a few questions we would like to answer for you since information is desperately needed at this point:

1) Is there a waiting list?
No, there is No Waiting List

2) Is there ANY possibility we will let more riders in?
No, 3,000 is a hard limit
Why? Are the permits set to 3000 riders?
Can't the permits be changed?
No, we are limited to 3,000 riders. We cannot change the permits.

3) How can I buy registration from someone who is registered but can't make it?
We are working on setting up a page on this blog or some system to facilitate those who want to buy/sell registration. When we have that in place we will post an announcement here on the blog.

4) How can I be a part of Little Red 2011???
VOLUNTEER!!!! Believe it or not, LRRH is a 100% volunteer effort! We need some 500 happy, smiling, cheerful volunteers to help us each and every year as we put on this fantastic event. Why not give volunteering a try? If you can't ride with your friends or family members, at least support them by volunteering at one of our Rest Stops during the ride!

5) What's this about LRRH registrations being auctioned on Ebay?
The Bonneville Cycling Club has donated 5 Little Red Registrations to the U of U Human Genetics Department in support of their fundraising efforts. These registrations are being auctioned on Ebay to raise additional funds for cancer research. To check out the Ebay items click here:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Join the Bonneville Cycling Club for a trip back to the fabulous 1950’s at the
Little Red Riding Hood bicycle ride.
Saturday June 4, 2011
The ride will again be in the beautiful Cache Valley
Starting in Lewiston, Utah
Friday June 3rd will be the Sock Hop and pre-ride dinner at the Little Red Diner.
Get Some Z’s at the Little Red Campground at the ride start or spend the night in a Logan Hotel.
Check out our Cool Threads at the Little Red Boutique
REGISTRATION is scheduled to open on February 9th
Go to
to find out more details and to register
Make sure you register soon...the ride is capped and we expect to fill up quickly

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Little Red Through the Years...In Jerseys

Here at Little Red the excitement is growing! Getting ready and rolling out the new look for 2011 has brought back many positive remarks and remembrances of all the fun we've had over the years. One of the most exciting aspects of LRRH is the collectible jersey we design for each year's ride. The idea to make custom jerseys for Little Red grew as the ride itself grew, evolved and blossomed into the event we know and love today. Here is a short trip down memory lane, starting with 2005 when the LRRH jerseys were first introduced. How many of the collectible jerseys do YOU own? Do you have a favorite? We'd love to hear from YOU so let us know!

2005...the year the jerseys started. Little Red grew from 400 riders the previous year to 800 riders for the first time. What inspired the jerseys? It was the first year the ride had custom Little Red artwork and we thought it would make a great jersey!

2006.....Was a 1930’s inspired Little Red... sexy and sassy....with the wolf lurking in the background. We really played up the male volunteers as big and bad and Little Red was in drag. We had 1,000 riders and our first costume contest.

2007.......In this version the wolf was in a tux on the front of the tandem serving our Little Red. We dressed the wolf up in a tux and served sparkling cider in champagne glasses at the finish line. This was really the first year for a true themed ride. We held our first Friday night dinner and expo before the ride. We had 1,700 riders for 2007! This was the first year we started the silent auction and raffled off bikes to make more money for cancer research.

2008....Howdy there little ladies! LRRH went with a Wild West theme in 2008.....We wanted to expand our ride and welcome women from other parts of the country to the WILD 'RED' WEST. Little Red was all dressed up in country attire with the wolf  tied up on the back of the bike. Entertainment included a western band at the Friday night Round Up and BBQ and we grew yet again to 2,400 riders.

2009 - ALOHA! Our Hawaiian/luau themed ride. We capped the ride at 2,600 riders in this year and we filled up by April. The Friday night dinner was a Hawaiian Luau. We had a Hawaiian show including male fire dancers. The food tables were adorned with grass skirts and big bad wolves lounging in the sand drinking pina coladas. All the volunteers wore Hawaiian shirts and the finish line included tropical drinks with decorative straws and hot pink leis.

2010 - Our Super Red/Super Hero theme last year was a huge success! We capped the ride at a whopping 3,000 and filled up in just 29 days. We moved the entire Event to Lewiston and enjoyed the new,expanded location.  The Saliva Sisters were on hand for the Friday night entertainment. We put the big bad wolf in a super wolf costume and Little Red (in drag) was in a Super girl costume. The volunteers were our SuperHeros. Which of course they are!! We saw plenty of 'Wonder Women' in costume up on stage and raised nearly $60,000 to donate towards cancer research. It was our biggest, reddest, strongest and most successful Little Red to date>>>>> of course, that is until 2011 LRRH comes to town!

2011- Just in case you've been living under a rock for the past few months and haven't heard, take a look at what we've got planned for 2011! A 1950's Theme complete with:
Meals at The Little Red Diner (complete with a couple of roller skating car hops).
The Big and Bad Wolf himself dressed in a black leather jacket and other bad boy 1950’s attire.
A 1950’s pink Cadillac to drive our wolf around the course during the ride.
A 1950’s style ice cream parlor for the finish line party
A live band with great Rock and Roll music! OOOHHHH baby, that's what we like!!
And plenty more so get ready for LRRH 2011 and be sure to order YOUR beautiful, collectible jersey for this year's better than ever Little Red Riding Hood!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This year's PLEDGE page is now OPEN!
Here at Little Red, we are excited for this year's goal of raising $150,000 to support cancer research at the University of Utah. Click on the PLEDGE YOUR RIDE tab above for more details or go directly to the PLEDGE page at: