About Little Red Riding Hood

The Little Red Riding Hood Bicycle Ride is an all women’s non competitive bicycle ride. June 4th, 2011 will be the 24th year for the ride. The ride is organized by Bonneville Cycling Club (the largest cycling club in Utah).

Our mission is to provide:

A Good Time
 Little Red Riding Hood is sponsored and organized by volunteer cyclists who want to provide a great ride and fun experience for fellow cyclists. LRRH is unique in that many of the things done on the ride appeal to women; i.e., a women’s fit event t-shirt, great logo and clothing designs, extra yummy food, finish line celebration, just to name a few.

A Great Ride
We find that LRRH is good for every women…from the seasoned century rider to the first time event rider. The course includes 5 distances ranging from 17 to 100 miles. We love that families, groups of friends, groups of co-workers challenge each other to train and ride LRRH. We have had many families with riders from several generations riding LRRH together.

An Opportunity raise money and support a Women’s Charity
We strive to create an environment that promotes a strong sisterhood for exercising our bodies and clearing our head for a day of cycling in beautiful Cache Valley. As a strong sisterhood we help raise money for women’s cancer research. We’re proud of LRRH’s 2011 charity — The University of Utah’s Eccles Institute of Human Genetics, lead by Dr. Mario Capecchi, a 2008 Noble Prize recipient.