Friday, February 11, 2011

A Word From Little Red About Registration

Dear Little Red Fans,
Here at Little Red we are stunned, dazed and generally flabbergasted by the unbelievable response to this year's event and the speed with which registration filled. We anticipated the ride would fill quickly, but even then believed it would take a week or two. Reaching capacity in less than 24 hours was truly a shock!

We empathize deeply with so many of you who wanted to ride LRRH in 2011 but weren't able to get in. Here are a few questions we would like to answer for you since information is desperately needed at this point:

1) Is there a waiting list?
No, there is No Waiting List

2) Is there ANY possibility we will let more riders in?
No, 3,000 is a hard limit
Why? Are the permits set to 3000 riders?
Can't the permits be changed?
No, we are limited to 3,000 riders. We cannot change the permits.

3) How can I buy registration from someone who is registered but can't make it?
We are working on setting up a page on this blog or some system to facilitate those who want to buy/sell registration. When we have that in place we will post an announcement here on the blog.

4) How can I be a part of Little Red 2011???
VOLUNTEER!!!! Believe it or not, LRRH is a 100% volunteer effort! We need some 500 happy, smiling, cheerful volunteers to help us each and every year as we put on this fantastic event. Why not give volunteering a try? If you can't ride with your friends or family members, at least support them by volunteering at one of our Rest Stops during the ride!

5) What's this about LRRH registrations being auctioned on Ebay?
The Bonneville Cycling Club has donated 5 Little Red Registrations to the U of U Human Genetics Department in support of their fundraising efforts. These registrations are being auctioned on Ebay to raise additional funds for cancer research. To check out the Ebay items click here:


  1. This truly is shocking!! I was sorely disppointed to find out it filled up so fast! I keep hoping that there has been some sort of error..
    Thank you for answering these questions. I look forward to the auctioning link/page. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  2. Maybe......Little Red should be a lottery like St. George Marathon. Just an idea!

  3. ABSOLUTELY NO LOTTERY. Don't want to go without
    my daughters and daughter in law. We all get in or nothing. I rescheduled everything to be able
    to sign us up (even the colonscopy was rescheduled)

  4. There ARE lotteries that are all or nothing. That way you aren't left racing without your friends or family. Spudman triathlon, you enter as a group, if one gets in you all get in. Same with Canyonlands half-marathon. (both of which I entered and got into)

  5. Does anyone have a phone number for Little REd. I didn't recieve my registration packet and I need HELP!