Friday, March 18, 2011

A Loving Tribute

Dear Fans of Little Red,
The following story was sent to us in honor of a beautiful Little Red Rider, Karrie Lyn Latturner, who passed away on March 15th, after a long battle against breast cancer. We hope this story will inspire you to donate, volunteer or do whatever you can to make our world cancer free. Our goal this year at LRRH is to raise $150,000 for cancer research. Please join us in honoring Karrie's memory and all those whose lives have been touched by cancer.

From Ariana Prazen, March 17, 2011

I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Karrie Lyn Latturner. Karrie was a wife, mother and friend to many. The activities she enjoyed most include sitting by her fire pit on Friday nights, camping at Echo Lake, riding her bike along the Jordan River Parkway, and working at Comp Health. Karrie was truly a ray of sunshine to everyone around her, her optimism and constant smile were contagious. In the words of some of her friends and family:
-“Karrie, you were a true inspiration to me on how to live life to the fullest, how to love your children, family and friends with all your heart. You made each person feel like they were the most important person in your life.”
-“She was a shoulder when you needed one, a critic when you needed an honest opinion and a smile at the end of a bad day.”
-“Her passion, courage and good humor will never be forgotten.”
-“There are very few people who enter a person’s life, all too briefly, that can create a friendship as indelible and benevolent with as many people as you could.”

In 2008, Karrie was diagnosed with cancer, 4 days before her 10th wedding anniversary (the picture was taken when Karrie and her husband renewed their vows). She was originally diagnosed with breast cancer that had unfortunately already spread to her liver. She fought hard for 3 years, but ultimately passed on March 15th, 2011, on her 34th birthday. I think she wanted to hear that birthday song one last time, sung so sweetly to her by her loving and devoted husband, Brian, at midnight. She died in his arms 3 hours later.

I asked Karrie once about the meaning of life, and she responded “To be as happy as you can be and bring happiness to those around you.” She expanded and explained that every day we wake up and choose if our life circumstances are going to make or break us and that regardless of the fact that she had cancer, she hoped people would see that when she walked in a room she chose to be happy. She said people need to live to their full potential, look at all the possibilities they do have. She hoped the way she handled her situation inspired others to handle life’s disappointments in the best way they know how.  I feel she certainly achieved that, as many were in awe of her incredible strength and positive attitude. In fact, Karrie kept working up until the last few months of her life – she was very fond of her employer, took pride in her work and cherished the friends she had there.

In 2009, Karrie and I learned about the Little Red Riding Hood event. We committed ourselves to ride the 100 miles – actually how it really happened is Karrie nudged me sign up for 100 miles because she was sure going to do it and I should, too! We trained and trained (during which she was undergoing chemo treatments), along with her husband and our friends, in sun or rain, until June of that year. Right before the event we all decided to adorn our helmets with plastic jewels and colorful stickers, just for fun (I’m not so sure that some of our jewels didn’t blind a few people on the course). Karrie surpassed me early that day in the ride, and finished with a smile on her face.
The picture was taken right after she crossed the finish line. I finished hours later, literally when everything was getting packed up. But I did it! WE did it! We had several friends ride that year and many of Karrie’s friends and family members volunteered for the event. In 2010, several of us rode again. Most of us took a moment to relax after the event, but not Karrie – she walked right over and started volunteering at one of the refreshment booths. For 2011, Karrie had planned on going as a volunteer. She will be there, in spirit.

This year there is a big group of us going up to Logan to ride and volunteer, both in Karrie’s memory and for the support of cancer research.  What a great event the Little Red Riding Hood bike ride is, it brings awareness and it’s an enjoyable and rewarding experience!  We don’t have control over losing our loved ones to this unfortunate disease, but what we can do is fundraise and support the cancer-research organizations.


  1. I miss you so much Karrie!!! You mean the world to me. This horrible damn cancer has robbed us of so much.
    I hope you all ride your butts off with her in mind, and the hope that cancer can be removed from our worries.

    I love you so much Karrie Latturner. I will miss you every second of every day. The world will never be the same without you, but per your request, I will mourn only so long, then get back to living life to its fullest as you did every day.

    Brian Latturner
    Sad Husband Missing His Sweetie...........

  2. Brian - you are right, the world is not the same without Karrie. What we can do now is just take the life lessons she taught us so gracefully and incorporate them in our day to day being. As her friend, Angela, put it on Facebook...take everything she taught us and "Karrie on!"

    Ari Prazen

  3. Brian, Karrie was and still is a inspiration to many and her smile and encouragement will never be forgotten she is an amazing person I would like to participate in anyway I can for my long lost friend I just recently got to talk to her one last time and she hadn't change one bit a every strong sweet person that I remember from my childhood and am so glad to have met her Rhiannon Balfour

  4. Karrie-On

    Yes, this is certainly what Karrie would want us all to do. I mourn no more, but I will definitely Karrie-On a memory of a Great wife, mother, daughter and friend. Let's all Karrie-on to fight a cure for cancer. Let no one else loose a wife, mother, daughter or a friend.


    Angela Fleming

  5. Fellow Riders/Volunteers,
    This is what its all about. If this story doesn't motivate each of us to do all we can to fight this horrid disease, nothing will. C'mon people - lets do all we can to fight to END THIS DISEASE!